Wonder Why

The 1st Amendment is my favorite Amendment

This is another example of my loss of faith in humanity. She is NO GOOD. She is a thief, fraudulent, a liar, and obviously a SHIT FOR BRAINS. Must be all that liquid latex caked on. She is prettier without makeup. Hide your children. The devil does exist and went down to Oklahoma. The crypt keeper from Oklahoma is now a search result. It took one minute. No company wants to hire this brain. Just remember: never leave anything in writing or traceable like this fuck face did.

This bottom-feeder stole a picture of mine. I called her out. She lost her shit. I got her to land in a Google Search in one minute and informed her. She lost her shit even more. If you lead a life of integrity, why get so bent out of shape and hateful? Sticks and stones……..

She calls it harassment, I call it honesty. I can delete this as she demanded, but she can hire an attorney and pay to take this to the Supreme Court. is her IP address-OKC. The importance of VPNs is unknown to so many people.