The Moral Compass Missing from Mercari

From Selling Samples to Souls with Shipping Rates

Yesterday, I had published an article regarding Mercari and their lack of integrity. Utilizing every hashtag I could fit, I posted the article on LinkedIn with very few views, which is odd because that platform generates a large group of readers. There is a silent code of loyalty among those in the IT industry. Posting it at a particular time should have produced more views, but chances are someone at LinkedIn is looking out for a brother at Mercari. 

I will keep writing and keep exposing. In the article picture, there is a sample card of foundation given out for free that a seller was selling for $6 and not offering free shipping. Mercari, with the toolbox of every Google tool available, knows the education status and socioeconomic level of their users. While this seller had a card of four tiny drops of foundation for $6, the buyer would purchase and spend $10.25. They would pay for something not worth $6 and pay $4.25 for shipping. Mercari would then pocket the overage since shipping would be either under $3.00 or $3.09 based on the location of the buyer. That buyer would not receive a refund for the overage paid in shipping. They would not even know shipping rates were over-inflated. 

When you sell on Mercari, they encourage sellers to use Mercari Shipping due to holding your money hostage. Whereas eBay pays buyers immediately, Mercari has the buyer purchase, and at the point of sale, the buyer pays Mercari. Relying obviously on the SEO Strategy, many purchasers are a one-time Google searcher that go on and buy, not becoming a frequent user. Assuming, they are receiving an authentic product, this may not be the case as many items are expired, counterfeit, or have gone from the company to a seller to another reseller, and onto the next like a cycle. Remember the game telephone? By the time, the buyer gets the product, what are they actually receiving?

As a seller, you make a sale. You ship the item out. If you do not use Mercari Shipping, they classify you as not being a “Quick Shipper” to steer potential buyers away from you. Yet, the rating system is in place. A buyer can look at ratings and after seeing fast shipping in every review. They will make a purchase. Mercari can attempt to sway decisions utilizing all the information gathered regarding their users, but they cannot influence the final behavior in an individual’s purchasing decisions.

The seller gets a sale and ships it out where the money from the sale sits in a Mercari holding cell. As I deem it, they hold the money hostage. The money probably lies in an account gaining interest along with the shipping monies they are pocketing. The buyer then receives the product and has 72 hours to issue a rating. Once the rating is completed, the buyer agrees that it is a final sale and the seller gets the money onto their Mercari account. If the buyer does not rate the seller, which is often the case when transactions occur through Google search results, the money sits as the seller waits. After 72 hours after receipt, funds are released to the seller. 

Sounds great, right? Wrong. Then the seller needs a minimum of $10 to transfer the earnings from the Mercari holding cell to their bank account. Mercari encourages the seller to utilize the earnings to purchase more items on their platform somewhat like swapping spit so that money stays at their messed up mercy. 

From the point of purchase to payment received by the seller, it can take 14 days for the seller actually to see the funds in their own personal bank account. While people complain about this, many are blind to the discounted Mercari shipping rates.

Mercari scams sellers who offer free shipping by pocketing the extra money, but if the weight is incorrect, they charge the shortage with no hesitation. They encourage you to use free shipping because you will be 80% more successful by offering free shipping.

If a seller does not offer free shipping, they have the buyer pay who is getting ripped off in a way by the seller and Mercari. The seller has the point of view that they have to wait for the funds anyways so why would they pay for shipping when their money is being held hostage. 

They now claim they offer seller protection. Sellers are not protected by any means. Buyers’ claims of damaged items, not receiving the product are believed by Mercari. The sellers lose out because of deceit being acceptable on this app. The buyer has 72 hours to rate. Trying to get someone working at Mercari to respond in 72 hours is an accomplishment because they just push all of the problems under the rug. The rug is probably covering the floorboard where the USPS shipping overages refunded money is hiding.

I am just getting started. I still have yet to go into the black market side of this corrupt company and how they trust sellers just as corrupt as them to be their watchdogs. If a seller reports someone’s listing, Mercari takes their word for it. You can see some of the sellers in a gallery on my website where they bash me, integrities, mental health, and have outright stalked me. I am almost 40 years old and never would imagine being stalked by women, but Mercari is not concerned about the sellers that bring them in money’s safety. They choose to protect the conformist who are too blind to see their corruption and perhaps too uneducated to understand what is really going on in the marketplace.