So much to Say

I am working on five Medium articles regarding Information Technology. Let me tell you some heavy-hitters are very interested in what I have to say.

I apologize for not being poised and polished. My tank of fucks is on empty. I drop the F-bomb to my mother and grandparents. Do you think I am going to fucking change for you? Shit-no.

Want to creep on me? PLEASE use Chrome Incognito or a VPN. I am sick to my stomach knowing that people from my past life STILL Google me and visit my site from Corporate HQ. Get fucked. You can watch me silently, but not reach out. Are you waiting for me to blow the top of that shit-ass company? Please. There are bigger fish to fry with higher stock values than $8. Pathetic fucks.

Also to the new fascinated fucks, I can see you for six months and can block entire geographical areas from visiting my site. Here is some knowledge for you. Same as entering my property, I have the right to bear arms. This is my property. Read up on how Google search results work.

Anyone fascinated, buy my book. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. Order it on Amazon.

You want to be a vile piece of shit? I will let people know. Never insult my intelligence because honestly that is the one thing I never questioned.


Yes I am angry. When I am angry, I write. I leave trails of verbal carnage. The 1st Amendment is the only one that matters to me. Once my articles are completed, I will discuss every comment and answer all your questions regarding Mercari.