Setting the record Straight

  1. Due to only a 1% growth rate, I no longer am utilizing most social media platforms. I can be emailed at Strong spam filters are integrated.

  2. I appreciate all the feedback on my life. Please focus on yours instead.

  3. I speak out against companies because others may be scared, have more to lose, or are naive to see when a company is being deceptive.

  4. I curse a lot. My apologies if I offend you with MY content. You choose to visit my intellectual property. You have a choice to return or head for the hills. I have a 0% bounce rate at all times. I suppose I am doing something right.

  5. I love analytics and seeing 80% of the United States in blue every week. By your referral path, I know your intentions.

  6. If you have an axe to grind, protect your information and adjust privacy settings via browsers or VPNs.

  7. If you value privacy, Facebook is not the best place to engage. That platform handed me my hacker’s identity.

  8. I am not revealing the identity of my hacker or pressing legal charges. The internet consists of one large gray area and legality cannot move as fast as technology.

  9. That being said, if you land in a Google search from my website, the only way to get it removed is by asking me to delete it. I may or may not. If I do remove it, I will then contact the Mothership to ensure it’s removal. You cannot file a lawsuit against me because it is my intellectual property and I am within the 1st Amendment.

  10. Always be cognizant of what you put out there in writing and on the internet. One piece of information can hold you back and put a damper on your plans.

  11. Everything I say and write, I possess full awareness. I have nothing more to lose and cannot put on an act.

  12. By insulting me, you do not affect me, but may affect someone else. Making assumptions about others will never move mankind forward. You should do more helping instead of failed attempts of hurting. It goes back to the childhood saying, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

  13. I live a public yet very private life. Just because you search for me on Google does not mean I am rich and famous. I know SEO and wrote some books that do not pay my bills.

  14. I continue to apply for positions and want to blur any visions that I loaf around and am lazy. Despite 1200 rejections, I do not give up and will not give up. I am strong, relentless, and resilient. I constantly am working on things that unfortunately pay no income. Hard work does get rewarded and I will show you I am proof.

  15. Also prior to becoming successful, many have hit rock-bottom financially. I am driven and determined. I have no shame in my sharing my struggle because it can happen to anyone.