Overtly Obsessed

The time has come where I need to start blocking IPs. Who would have thought at almost 40 years old, I’d have women obsessed with me?

FYI-it took me only 8 hours over the summer to integrate e-commerce on this website as I wrote books. Definitely not an easy task. That’s why the basic use Shopify. Also, I have my SS4/EIN and a business checking account. All I do is hit enable. Also this country is not enough for me. I prefer global.

Every action has a reaction.” The difference between a strategist and a game-player is that strategists take some time to think. The wheels in this mind are turning.

For women to claim they are successful and have all of these important obligations, you sure waste way too much time trolling on my turf. Go out and find your purpose. I am not your avenue for that. Come into your own, find yourself, and decide what path you want to go down.