Mercari Mercenaries

My account has been shut down. How upsetting. You think you won, but why so many visits? Are you paranoid? Best of luck out there, the FBI and FTC have been notified. Along with all of the corporations.

Integrity is free. Always remember that and thank fucking god, I get my life back and do not have to deal with bottom-feeders. I actually feel such a sense of relief. No more Communist-like app and one FTC complaint filed so far. I am at peace. The calm before the storm.

Articles will be written as I have a 1st Amendment blowing the top of of your shit. Also, all I have left from my year of complete carnage is my life so feel free to take that because it is a fucking joke. No loss there.



Everyone’s solution is to create a fake account. That is too easy. That is what they want to get the selling fees. That is against everything I am fighting for. I lived a dishonest life for too long. It didn’t get me anywhere and neither does living an honest one. At least I can sleep with a clear conscience.