Copy of What I'm Writing 10.6.18

Memoirs 02-03 Kindle free versions go away on 11/11/18 and the paid version will go away on 11/12/18. Plan accordingly.

Reissuing this bad boy “an eclectic array of poems from my adult years.” Not linked to one person.

Melissa's Manic Memoirs Book Cover.png

From Melancholic to Catastrophic

Want to see emotions?

Banging this out then I go onto Melissa’s Manic Memoirs 2018. We will touch upon Teddy, but I may change his name to subject matter. No capitalization. You can be your own judge of subject matter.
I am honestly slapping my resume, cover letter, and disclaimer on LinkedIn. If someone wants me, they can get me. The world is not changing in regards to mental health, so I will crank out as many years as I have to.

I am focusing on making myself stronger than I already am. I always get the last word and come out on top.