Copy of Scamazon 9.23.18

  1. Fake Packages Now

  2. Fake Company Reviews

  3. Fake Giveaways

Okay, is everyone aware that there is a severe shortage of truck drivers?

Drivers would choose UPS first because it is a union and the benefits are great. The stress they place on their drivers is not healthy, but for that gig, people put up with their tactics. They attack when drivers get hurt, play hardball, and get dirty. Yet, our packages are always delivered with a smile. They are timed so all you get is a smile and a hello. Long gone is customer engagement.

FedEx routes are owned by Logistics Business Owners so based on what they offer, drivers may opt to work for them.

Then there are the big rigs. I always see sign-on bonuses offered and lucrative offers on billboards as I drive on the highway. Don’t forget, we have vendor delivery drivers such as Frito Lay, Coca Cola, and Pepsi, which are companies people would love to drive for.

Enter Scamazon. I get it. This guy wants to take over the world. It’s like “Chill bud. You are rich AF. Relax and let someone else ruin the company. Take your money and run while you can.” You do not get that big without cutting a few corners. Now the secrets slowly are popping up. I just saw they have fake packages to test drivers’ honesty. They place so many demands on their drivers and treat them poorly, so let’s add fake boxes to the mix. Wow.

So Scamazon still uses UPS, FedEx, and USPS. They still have their own trucking company gig. Why would you create a trucking company with this shortage of drivers? Obviously if you shop online, you see there are logistics issues when they offer you a $1 credit. Woohoo. That goes right back to them because it is all the content they digitally own.

Walmart offers discounts that are better if they know they will have an issue with 2-day delivery. It is maybe once a month, if that. I always hope for the discounts because sometimes it can be $3.

The giveaways are definitely a scam. For example, I attempted to do a giveaway for the paperback. I selected 5 winners. It was $74.75 before taxes. They claim that they promote it. I would need 3,000 “clicks” to get my winners, which I may. Yet, the prizes go unclaimed, which is what happened with the Kindle Version. I have exhausted my network so this would serve no purpose.