Copy of Sales Struggles 9.12.18

I am done wrestling with Amazon. A friend ordered the book. Shipped yesterday. Received today. In NJ. No sales record of the paperback. I am not a publisher. I got a video of him and the book. For the money I am making on each book, this isn’t worth my energy to track sales. Last sales recorded was my order. You can buy the book directly through this site now. If you don’t want me knowing your identity, you can go through Amazon. I am only angry at two people who promoted the book without even reading it. I do not believe in standing up for something you aren’t aware of. That is false and falls out of my value set. They have been notified and disconnected from due to not aligning with my values. If people didn’t buy it yet, it is okay. I released it while it was back to school season and people have priorities. I know it will get to where it needs to go and that is all that matters.