Copy of Loudly Laughing 10.3.18

Word to the wise: If you ever claim a knowledge panel on Google, check it at minimum three days a week. I am laughing. Scamazon’s links to my book seem to have disappeared from my first page after I called them out. Since 9/26/18, the trail on the book has gone ice cold. They just gave their disgruntled employees $15/hour and the dude is richer than Bill Gates. Let’s mess with some girl who wrote a book and is intelligent enough to know when strange things are going on. Hush money.

Time to go step up my SEO.

I have been busy and haven’t been blogging on here much. I just checked in to see what is going on with me and the world.

Crazy how I have to check on my web presence because there is no privacy or protection. Well, Google protects me. Another one of my favorite companies.