Greed will Getcha (PSA)


I am furious right now. My book is on sale for $14.95 on Amazon. No more. Please do not pay $19.05 for a used copy that isn't really used? Please do not purchase from outside of Amazon. When you do that, I only make $1.36. When you purchase from Amazon, I only make $4.90. I didn't write this for greed. I wrote it for society to be a more open place. I have to wait 60 days to get payment. I do not even know how sales are. I have reports ranging from $0.00 to $127.69. Obviously, it must be selling because Amazon keeps printing more to keep in stock. More places are carrying it for a higher price than I set. Last time I checked, I wrote the thing.

These companies did not go through what I went through. Companies can give two flying fucks about mental health. I hope I can find a real publisher because obviously, I lack experience. If you follow me, you know my unemployment runs out soon (very, very soon). No one will hire me for anything. Not even to write an blog post because I am crazy and they are narrow-minded and judgmental. Yes, it is very discriminatory and inflammatory. There is a thing though. Karma is always forged. Instead of being a leech off of the system, I wrote a book. I busted my ass and gave it everything I have. I have never believed in something so much. I will press a button and unpublish it, making it vanish because Corporate America and their greed do not align with my values. This crazy woman will fight and this crazy woman does not ever give up.

It is like the book is about mental illness so let's mind fuck the author by profiting off of her illness. Twisted fucks. That is why society is ashamed to speak about it and everyone is so fucking judgmental. Shame on all of you. I really belong in Europe. They don't manipulate your mental property.

Me showing you what corporate greed is. would not hire me for anything, yet can sell my book for more than I set the price at. Sickening.