Videos regarding KDP (Killing Data Privately) and Scamazon

Yes, I am crying. I cry when I get mad. They have been reported to every government entity I could report them to. No lawyer will take them on. I have to unpublish because of their demonic deception. Now I get to represent myself because everyone is either in their pocket or scared of them.
Me showing you what corporate greed is. would not hire me for anything, yet can sell my book for more than I set the price at. Sickening.

Originally $14.95, I had it on expanded distribution and took it off because of inflation. In combatting Amazon for months, I figured I would play nice with them and let them make money where I get a little over $1.00 from expanded distribution. I raised the price to $15.95 because obviously it is worth more than $14.95.

Melissa's Manic Memoirs has been taken down from my first two SERPs. Wonder why? Can you guess? Just going on the record.
Here I go on a rant. An author who sells books, but am being "punished." I honestly am going to have my next book be about Amazon and all of my issues.


I keep calling them out. I keep catching them doing sneaky shit with my book. This is one of the many moves they have made. I need a real publisher and maybe a lawyer. I am sick to my stomach. I came from that world, I know how it works.
These degenerates have taken over a slot on my first page and I am so disgusted with these games. They are pirating the book in a PDF format, which only Amazon and I had the PDF versions. They are messing with my intellectual property. I need a publisher.