In testing Amazon’s integrity, I had ordered copies of my books and paid taxes. I can offer them at lower prices and leave a note. I might be famous one day. Shipping is included.

Thank you.

Melissa’s Manic Memoirs $15

Memoirs and From Melancholic to Catastrophic $20

Memoirs and From Melancholic to Ruined $20

Memoirs, From M to C, and From M to R $25

Melissa's Manic Memoirs $15.00
Memoirs & From M to C
Memoirs and From M to R
All three for me
Yes, I am crying. I cry when I get mad. They have been reported to every government entity I could report them to. No lawyer will take them on. I have to unpublish because of their demonic deception. Now I get to represent myself because everyone is either in their pocket or scared of them.

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