Problems with ProFinder

On my LinkedIn, I signed up for ProFinder. I got approved. I responded to "freelance" work and had probably 6 proposals unread. I think that at least 75% of them were not real. Whoever thinks they are funny, you are costing me money. I have to pay $60/month for that now. I will give it until next Tuesday and if I do not get anything, I will have to cancel it. I will utilize UpWork and Fiverr. I also came across other sites that I can put a profile on and pay much less. If I was getting legitimate work and obtaining real requests, it may be worth it. $60/month is not worth it. I won't need the Premium account anyways because at that point, I will already have an established audience. The $60 isn't really doing much for me besides putting a dent in my funding.

Update: 8/16/18: I have canceled ProFinder. My reasons are on my Freelancing page.