L is for Loser

L Brands-I now understand why you are stricken with negative publicity. I experienced it first hand today. Last weekend, I had ordered (or thought I had) some items from Bath and Body Works. Their website always has glitches at checkout. I assumed that the order went through and walked away. I have so many unread emails that I didn’t check because I assumed that it went through. You know what they say about the word assume.

I found it odd that I still did not receive this order. Guess what? It didn’t go through because of their glitchy website that causes me issues during checkout approximately 75% of the time. I emailed them to let them know. I was providing feedback that their website is faltering in a big way.

Yet, I got an ignorant reply stating that they cannot give me a raincheck. What? Did I ask for a raincheck? Let the seven items in my cart rot a week later. I didn’t even reply because they are not worth my breath. People are aware of their issues because it is all over the business news.

If you fear your company is in trouble, don’t act defensive, act proactive and nicer. The lady who replied was rude. A rain check. That’s still a thing? Tell your IT department to work on the checkout functions because there is a glitch in the system. There’s been. Are you wondering why your sales are down? Most of us walk away and don’t order.

I am being nice and making you aware of this before Christmas shopping begins. I will watch Breaking Bad and concoct my own Aromatherapy bath products since I can’t get a rain check.