ProFinder or PreTender

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(Embarrassed). I wish you guys noticed me when I did the Bed, Bath, and Beyond Recognition article. LI Cult Status!

I want to write about my experiences regarding my entrance into the world of freelance writing.

LinkedIn ProFinder

In finding myself unemployed after 22 years, I decided to pay $29.99 for Premium Career to help me find a new position. I didn’t find a position. I learned that writing can be a real job and freelancing was a true thing. LinkedIn had ProFinder. I had to apply and I believe give them a link to my website. I had to wait a few days to see if I was accepted or rejected. I was accepted! I was so excited. Then the requests came in. I felt guilty and ignored some. I replied and got rejected for the few proposals that actually were opened. As I wrote my book, I had all of these requests to ghostwrite a book. Knowing, there is no money in self-publishing, I replied that I would do it, but it would not be financially ideal for them. There were so many proposals that went unopened. I was thinking it was odd.

Oddly enough, on my birthday, at 9:30 pm on a Friday night, I got a request from a town I worked in that is not in my area to ghost write a book. Then, suddenly, my Premium membership went automatically to a Business membership at $59.99/month. I did not receive one job from ProFinder. Why was I being charged? I had to be screened to prove I could write. Do they not screen the clients? There is no mention of fees or charges. The potential clients who did reply, asked how much I charged. I have no idea. Whatever you are willing to pay.

The clients were way too conservative and couldn’t handle my personal, liberal linguistics. That is why I have a secret website now where I can freely express myself. After being charged, $59.99, I emailed LI. They responded that I shouldn’t reply and based on my replies, no one would hire me. Ok MS owns LI. Bill and Melinda would not stand for your attitude and the proposals I sent weren’t even opened.

I asked to cancel my ProFinder and Premium accounts. They had to squeeze another $59.99 out of me before taxes and I got stuck with Premium for another month. A week later, I was receiving ProFinder requests still! I let it go and they kept coming in. I sent another email and had to wait a few days.

To sum up my experience, I had a great deal of fake proposals, poor customer service, and would not recommend this to people. I can freelance on my own with no charges and no dishonesty. I guess that is okay these days. We have fake news, fake Amazon reviews, fake weather, and fake LinkedIn clients.

They now hold me hostage since I canceled my Premium account. Everything has been shut down, but if I reactivate Premium, I can get this and that. I am pretty sure I had some of the features before Premium.

Here is a gallery of pictures to prove my experience.