Publishing Pains

I released the book today and let 3 social networks know. I had to expunge it from my emotions. If I read that thing one more time, I'd be seriously fitted for a straight jacket. I wrote a check out to pay the sewage bill and wrote 2002 on it. I have people I never would have thought buying it. Amazon is probably like WTF. The sales haven't downloaded yet.

I want to gut this webpage and do a whole new layout. I made the graphics for it and realized it's not a good idea yet. I am getting traffic that I can somewhat see now. This website though will be remodeled with a fresh coat of paint and the contents packed up. The new one is enabled with the password so when the book is bought, people can go on and see it. My creativity is incredible. I will probably do it during "off hours". 

It feels good to take a break and just kick back for a minute. I don't feel like doing anything for the rest of the day. I don't know what people will think and honestly part of me doesn't care. I feel free. I feel at peace. It's weird. I will never open the book and read it because I probably read it 100 times. Everyone should keep a journal. It is like a time capsule. I may have went too far going back in time, but I am here. It is 2018. 

Thank you for reading.