Ample Announcements

I am moving to a different website. This will still be active. This will be the front of the house website for all of the conservative thinkers out there. 

The new one will be the back of the house where we can be ourselves. Think of the Prohibition Era. The new website, we can be a little more wild. I also will have a newsletter set up that I may receive your email addresses for. I am going to get MailChimp. Google will run all of my analytics from now on. I will also be able to sell books on there and have a booking tab. I highly doubt anyone will book me, but just in case. 

It is already designed and I kick butt in web design. The site is it is not enabled yet. It will be when the book is released. It is a parked domain so you won't find it yet because it is not "live". If you want to keep up with me, you need to buy the book. The new website is announced in the book. It is not in the front or the back either.