Aged Advice

I am going through my pictures from last night and this kid's arm is in a few of them. It is a boy. He started waving his arm after maybe two songs. He then waved it the entire show and as the crowd shifted, his arm was in my way. It was honestly raised for 90% of the show. You do not have to try that hard. 

I am going to give some advice to young men from 18-30 because by then you should know better. Maybe she did notice you when you were waving your arm. I hope your arm is not sore today. If she did notice you, all bets would be off because you are wearing her tour tee shirt to her concert. 

You NEVER wear the tee shirt of the artist to a concert that the artist is performing at. It is so bougie. This has been a rule since the early 90's and some wisdom I figured I would pass along. I have 25 years of experience in this field. If you need pointers on anything, ask me. 

If the artist does recognize you or meets you, they have an OMG moment in their head. If you are trying to woo women and if it works, they are wasted.