A Forever Friend

There is this thoughtful, true friend that I have. We met maybe 10 years ago and kind of grew up together. We do not talk every day. I swear he has a sixth sense and reaches out when I need a friend by calling me. I don't ask him to, he just senses it. We worked for the same company and we obviously took different paths. I drove off the off-ramp Dukes of Hazard style and he professionally pivoted onto his path. Through the ten years, he has never ever forgotten me. He is the fuel to the friendship. He didn't know I wrote. Nobody really did. He called today and told me I have a talent and wants me to ghost write his book. I would love to if he ever has time.

I don't think he knows how much he means to me and how much he has helped me by being my bro. I am actually crying right now because no matter how busy he is, he always keeps in touch. He didn't discard me after I left the company like so many others. He is confident and comfortable in his own skin. He is a true leader and (although I think he is difficult to work for) he treats everyone as they are, a human being. He is honest.

He disagrees with me and my mass distribution decision. Maybe, he doesn't get my artistic values and he is thinking as a businessman. I said once I sell 1,000 copies, I will put it on mass distribution. He doesn't think I can sell 1,000 copies. It's not that he doesn't believe in me or doubts me. He's being business-minded and realistic. 

The dreamer in me is now determined to drive sales. I am doing a double AMA that starts at 7:00pm tonight. I already have 7 questions answered so I am hoping it turns out well and I sell some books.