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I have been laughing all day about this. Is this truly is a thing? Or is it a story someone stirs and spoon feeds to you? You have to respect the bullshit artists out there. 

Six Degrees of Separation

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The beautiful power of networking is a legitimate example of Six Degrees of Separation. I remember when I was younger, before the internet was a thing, there was Kevin Bacon. In 1994, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon actually became a mantra.  (Wikipedia).  

Kevin Bacon gave us all hope and instilled a purpose that even though the world is gigantic, we are six degrees away from anyone we want to know. We are six degrees from achieving what we want to achieve.  

The internet and social media have now turned the game into a reality. You can virtually reach out to anyone, if you are vivacious, you go for it. Or if you are apprehensive, you connect to someone you know, who will connect you to someone they know, who then does the same, and it becomes a real cycle.  

If anyone knows me, they know I push the envelope; so naturally, I have reached out to many people. There are so many helpful people out there and you really see them when you open your eyes and your mind. I made sure to thank all of them and will always be grateful to them.

I have learned so much and wanted to also thank people who have given me insight that was available for free. I sent them messages thanking them and they all responded. That is the power of genuinity and positivity.  

Authentic people will respond, not because they feel obligated to you, but because they are good-natured. They also keep their word. They help and then their action causes a reaction. "No trespassing" signs have been eliminated.  Any opportunity you want, you can make it open for you. You have to shed your fears of putting yourself out there. You have to take off the mask that you have been wearing. You need to be real with yourself and with others on who you are.  

You accept yourself and find yourself. People will either accept you if they are open-minded and adaptable. Some people will not because they are not at the same mindfulness level as you are. When you find you are not accepted, you then know your values do not align with theirs. It would not be a good fit in whatever capacity of relationship you were hoping for. You accept it and keep living, not wallowing in woe and regret.  

You discover yourself; then connect, and align with others. There is no negativity, only positivity and possibility. Once you practice positivity, possibilities become endless.