Swimming in a Sea of Survival

I am working so much and focusing on everything but my writing. Traffic is up. Despite the poor attempts of blocking visibility, I still get all the data. I have to make time to write. I just do not have that luxury or anyone here to help me accomplish all the mounds of shit I am working on. I keep promising myself I will take a day to write, but I don’t. I never went for my follow-up with my medical stuff. I just don’t have time to breathe.

Is Squarespace Selling my Soul?

So Squarespace may be selling my information.

Datagnu and to Data Captive have constantly been crowding my inbox. How did they get my information? My personal email address that I only provided to Squarespace. If I wasn't paying for Squarespace's services, I feel as if they have the right to sell MY information. I have learned that nothing is free. I am not using their services for free though.

Passing along my information to the heckling and temporary new trend of "B2B" vultures does not sit right with me. I even have been promoting Squarespace because I believed in them. Yet maybe, the greed is getting them. I didn't get any documentation that they would sell my data. With Facebook, you expect it. Facebook doesn't sell my personal information where I get cold calls to pay $10k on marketing and user list emails though. There is a problem now.   

They also told me going from 65 visitors/day to 0 was legitimate. It is time to reconsider this company. "Powered by Squarespace" should say "Stolen by Squarespace."


Saturday Symbolism

In the fall, I was listening to this song over and over. Thanksgiving came and someone said they needed me. I opted to be nice due to a holiday. How symbolic that this song was playing when I walked in? I freaked out and asked if they were my hacker. It was as if it was scripted. Dude doesn’t even own a computer, but he admittedly checks in on me.

As. K.Flay says, “So fuck you and everything you said
It was all lies, messin with my head.”

Amazon Paperback Coupons

$5 off $20 book purchase with code NOVBOOK18.

The paperback of From Melancholic to Ruined is available for order. If you delay shipping, you also get $1.00 digital credit.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

A Forever Friend

There is this thoughtful, true friend that I have. We met maybe 10 years ago and kind of grew up together. We do not talk every day. I swear he has a sixth sense and reaches out when I need a friend by calling me. I don't ask him to, he just senses it. We worked for the same company and we obviously took different paths. I drove off the off-ramp Dukes of Hazard style and he professionally pivoted onto his path. Through the ten years, he has never ever forgotten me. He is the fuel to the friendship. He didn't know I wrote. Nobody really did. He called today and told me I have a talent and wants me to ghost write his book. I would love to if he ever has time.

I don't think he knows how much he means to me and how much he has helped me by being my bro. I am actually crying right now because no matter how busy he is, he always keeps in touch. He didn't discard me after I left the company like so many others. He is confident and comfortable in his own skin. He is a true leader and (although I think he is difficult to work for) he treats everyone as they are, a human being. He is honest.

He disagrees with me and my mass distribution decision. Maybe, he doesn't get my artistic values and he is thinking as a businessman. I said once I sell 1,000 copies, I will put it on mass distribution. He doesn't think I can sell 1,000 copies. It's not that he doesn't believe in me or doubts me. He's being business-minded and realistic. 

The dreamer in me is now determined to drive sales. I am doing a double AMA that starts at 7:00pm tonight. I already have 7 questions answered so I am hoping it turns out well and I sell some books.

Publishing Pains

I released the book today and let 3 social networks know. I had to expunge it from my emotions. If I read that thing one more time, I'd be seriously fitted for a straight jacket. I wrote a check out to pay the sewage bill and wrote 2002 on it. I have people I never would have thought buying it. Amazon is probably like WTF. The sales haven't downloaded yet.

I want to gut this webpage and do a whole new layout. I made the graphics for it and realized it's not a good idea yet. I am getting traffic that I can somewhat see now. This website though will be remodeled with a fresh coat of paint and the contents packed up. The new one is enabled with the password so when the book is bought, people can go on and see it. My creativity is incredible. I will probably do it during "off hours". 

It feels good to take a break and just kick back for a minute. I don't feel like doing anything for the rest of the day. I don't know what people will think and honestly part of me doesn't care. I feel free. I feel at peace. It's weird. I will never open the book and read it because I probably read it 100 times. Everyone should keep a journal. It is like a time capsule. I may have went too far going back in time, but I am here. It is 2018. 

Thank you for reading.


Soon I Soar

I am almost there. I have 66% of the Kindle version to format. The hyphenated words are driving me nuts. It does it automatically. I am going to just press the publish button when I am done and I think it takes 24-72 hours. I will keep everyone posted. 

I haven't even been on this website. I am working on the new one. I have been digging into the designs and the visual aspect. I am going to gut this and give it a new layout too. I may need a few days to get the other one fully up. It has a blog post up already.



Memoirs' Music

Listen to the music behind the memoirs.

I made two playlists. One is of music I listened to back in 2002-2003. I saw probably 90% of them in concert from the older playlist.

I have a modern all female playlist also that are some of the baddest bitches out there. I saw 3 of them in concert.

What can I say? I love music! 



Ample Announcements

I am moving to a different website. This will still be active. This will be the front of the house website for all of the conservative thinkers out there. 

The new one will be the back of the house where we can be ourselves. Think of the Prohibition Era. The new website, we can be a little more wild. I also will have a newsletter set up that I may receive your email addresses for. I am going to get MailChimp. Google will run all of my analytics from now on. I will also be able to sell books on there and have a booking tab. I highly doubt anyone will book me, but just in case. 

It is already designed and I kick butt in web design. The site is it is not enabled yet. It will be when the book is released. It is a parked domain so you won't find it yet because it is not "live". If you want to keep up with me, you need to buy the book. The new website is announced in the book. It is not in the front or the back either. 

Another Archived

I have been laughing all day about this. Is this truly is a thing? Or is it a story someone stirs and spoon feeds to you? You have to respect the bullshit artists out there. 

Six Degrees of Separation

From the Archive


The beautiful power of networking is a legitimate example of Six Degrees of Separation. I remember when I was younger, before the internet was a thing, there was Kevin Bacon. In 1994, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon actually became a mantra.  (Wikipedia).  

Kevin Bacon gave us all hope and instilled a purpose that even though the world is gigantic, we are six degrees away from anyone we want to know. We are six degrees from achieving what we want to achieve.  

The internet and social media have now turned the game into a reality. You can virtually reach out to anyone, if you are vivacious, you go for it. Or if you are apprehensive, you connect to someone you know, who will connect you to someone they know, who then does the same, and it becomes a real cycle.  

If anyone knows me, they know I push the envelope; so naturally, I have reached out to many people. There are so many helpful people out there and you really see them when you open your eyes and your mind. I made sure to thank all of them and will always be grateful to them.

I have learned so much and wanted to also thank people who have given me insight that was available for free. I sent them messages thanking them and they all responded. That is the power of genuinity and positivity.  

Authentic people will respond, not because they feel obligated to you, but because they are good-natured. They also keep their word. They help and then their action causes a reaction. "No trespassing" signs have been eliminated.  Any opportunity you want, you can make it open for you. You have to shed your fears of putting yourself out there. You have to take off the mask that you have been wearing. You need to be real with yourself and with others on who you are.  

You accept yourself and find yourself. People will either accept you if they are open-minded and adaptable. Some people will not because they are not at the same mindfulness level as you are. When you find you are not accepted, you then know your values do not align with theirs. It would not be a good fit in whatever capacity of relationship you were hoping for. You accept it and keep living, not wallowing in woe and regret.  

You discover yourself; then connect, and align with others. There is no negativity, only positivity and possibility. Once you practice positivity, possibilities become endless.  

Bored Beyond Belief

I am bored. I am going to go through the book once more and then we will go through the updated one. 

It will be available for pre-order on Amazon. Formatting it is taking me a long time. I am bored. I am not bummed out. I am just bored. It can be a case of wanderlust. I need mental stimulation. When I get like this, I feel the need to do something radical, impulsive, and irrational. 

My emotions are lacking excitement. I can type and talk to the world all day, but it's one-way communication. I've done that all my life. We are talking about me doing something drastic like get up and move to California, Canada, Montana, or the Caribbean. 

When I was young, drastic would be cutting or dying my hair. Life is much more profound now. Yet, where are the profound people? The basic bores me. I don't want extravagant. I want exuberant. 

Aged Advice

I am going through my pictures from last night and this kid's arm is in a few of them. It is a boy. He started waving his arm after maybe two songs. He then waved it the entire show and as the crowd shifted, his arm was in my way. It was honestly raised for 90% of the show. You do not have to try that hard. 

I am going to give some advice to young men from 18-30 because by then you should know better. Maybe she did notice you when you were waving your arm. I hope your arm is not sore today. If she did notice you, all bets would be off because you are wearing her tour tee shirt to her concert. 

You NEVER wear the tee shirt of the artist to a concert that the artist is performing at. It is so bougie. This has been a rule since the early 90's and some wisdom I figured I would pass along. I have 25 years of experience in this field. If you need pointers on anything, ask me. 

If the artist does recognize you or meets you, they have an OMG moment in their head. If you are trying to woo women and if it works, they are wasted.