Guts and a Gift

I had a quote I created after I got axed, “they knew I had the guts, but didn’t know I had the gift.” Words.

I slay dragons and demons and create quite the splash. I say things people think, but won’t say. What do I have to lose? I already lost everything this year.

I still am good at keeping secrets. I no longer withhold them from myself though.

Working out to my Words

I hope someone enjoyed their workout at Switch Playground on 12th St. in the greatest city of the world today. Wow….over an hour workout and the whole time creeping on my page while at the gym. You get it girrrrllllll!

Hopefully you got not only a physical workout, but a mental one from going through every inch of my content.

Nice try with the VPN BTW. I may not be technical, but I can investigate and sniff things out.

Thank William, my hacker, for teaching me a thing or two. When you discover you are being watched through your web camera, it kind of makes you step up your internet game. It’s safer than physically chasing the hacker and nearly getting raped. Trust me.

Also, buy my book and see the unfiltered content and get your chance at “payback” by giving a one-star review. Even though the book is the most brilliant work I have done. I will get $4.90 towards reimbursement from wasting money printing resumes and business cards.

With Words I Wage

WomenHack Article on Medium

It was around ten years ago where I had to write a letter to the State Superior Court addressing unethical behaviors. Today, I now will be doing the same thing. I am going to write to the IRS and the EEOC.

I know I was window shopped through this website, then judged, and then rejected for a job opportunity. No one is untraceable on the internet. While, I may not have degrees in IT, I am quite intelligent.

I will take on this joke of a women’s right movement and then if I have to, I am going after Goliath.


I was all ready to go to bed at 10:00 pm. I got caught up dealing with the Scamazon drama and then I get an email at 11:14 pm. Not business hours, mind you. It is from a woman hosting a career fair called Women/Hack that I was invited to and someone paid for my ticket.

Excited and knowing I would finally get a job, I printed $77.10 worth of resumes and cover letters.

Then this is the correspondence.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.33.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.21 AM.png

She doesn’t even work for one of these companies. She hosts events. How does she know what they are looking for? Two different realms. Obviously, I know she was on my website so she is not too tech-savvy because she could been smarter instead of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Public Profiles

All of my social media profiles are public. This website is public. If you buy my book, you can get into my private website.

Why people feel the need to creep and troll is beyond me. Will you find something that no one else knows? No. Everything is public. I do not know what the infatuation is. The only thing I am interested in right now is myself.

If I don’t know you, introduce yourself. If I know you, say hello. If I used to know you and no longer speak to you, you know your place. If there is something you are dying to know about, just ask. The only NDA is discussing my Memoirs route, unless you are an agent or publisher.

My life is public now so no need to creep privately. I see it all anyways. If you follow me, you know I was hacked and what happened on that path. In being hacked, I have taught myself things that would make your head spin. Due to the PTSD of the hacking incident, I have no desire to deal with dating anyone. Thank you, but no thank you.

Loyal Leo

I have always been a big believer of remembering, respecting, and staying true to certain people who have given me great insight and had confidence in me.

It is Saturday night and I am blogging. Someone out there believed in me. I always hold that people who believed in me and gave me a chance in such a high regard.

I know I have transitioned careers and there are still some bumps in the road such as getting my active voice to be louder and silencing the passive little voice. I am learning. From having an opportunity to blog, I am learning so many things beyond what I have taught myself.

I am fortunate to actually work with experts because they know their business. As I am blogging, I was never one for hashtags in my personal blog. I just realized that Google pulls them up along with my name. I am going to add hashtags in now because I need to make those disappear further down my SERP. I am laughing, but it definitely is not want I want to project.

It takes me some time to write these blogs because I immerse myself in the content to learn and to write the blog with a full grasp on the material and to have it the most up-to-date. I am truly fortunate and am content in my blogging bubble on a Saturday night.

No matter where I end up, I am loyal and because he gave me a chance, I would blog if he needed no matter what. He was the only one to give me a chance and I am sure he scratched his head quite a few times, but he gave me a chance and believed in me. Anyone who deals with me sometimes needs patience or needs to tell me to slow my roll. I cannot say how fortunate I am. I am not sure if he reads this, but I hope he know he is worth my words. People like that are rare and I will always respect them, hold them in high regard, and if they reach out, I am there.

Him and his partner take their business seriously and are highly regarded with a strong SEO game.

Canva Credit

I just went through this entire website and linked Canva to every aspect of this site. I just tried to print resumes and business cards for a career fair. They wouldn’t print and now I am nervous. I had to read the terms of agreement and I hope I am abiding by their terms. I know what it is like to have your intellectual property infringed upon. I added them to some banners and in the footer.

They have changed my world and I don’t have to write all the time. I can do visual design with words. I try to make my designs unique and do not mimic their designs because I tend to do my own thing. I have my go-to fonts and colors. I hope everyone knows that I use Canva to design all of these things. PS is too confusing and too expensive.

I do not know why I am freaking out. I guess because I want to make sure everyone is aware that they are the force and are responsible for making the magic happen. It is in my artistic set of values I suppose to again give them credit outright.

I also am nervous because when I downloaded the proofs for approval (which they look awesome), it directed me to amazonaws which was connected to my incident. Boardman, OR better not return. Time to go deep dive with Google to make sure I am clear.

Sharing Secrets

Words for the Workforce

Did you think I would share personal and private information here? If you want that content, you have to do the work.

I have several clients for resumes. It is all about catching an eye. What we think the world is, has changed. That is where I come in. The hardest-working unemployed person in America. Officially unemployed, I am currently making it a profession until a company and I align. Once that happens, I will still do this on the side. I love it. It doesn’t take much time and I love helping people.

Here are some tips I have for those wanting to shake up their situation and step out to search for a position. I have sent them archived, locked content to catch up.

I hate lists in blogs, but it is easier this way. These are the smallest and some may say stupidest tips. They are critical, things have changed.

  1. APA Abandonment. Two spaces after a period is past us. Practice and master one space. People notice the small stuff such as extra space.

  2. Take a personality assessment for free so you know what direction to drive in.

  3. Basic is BORING. It is 2018. We use color and computers. We do not live in a black and white world. By designing your resume, you can design your dreams. Monochromatic is not modern.

  4. LinkedIn is life, for now. With 560 million professionals, you need a profile. Some profiles are fake, but yours will be real. I love doing TAKEOVERS! Instead of us going back and forth, I revise or create, setting you apart. I always update mine and post and see weekly increases of 100%. This has resulted in 100% success rates for my clients.

  5. Do not over network. Quality over quantity. I have deleted 50 people that serve me no purpose professionally and certainly not personally. Ask for recommendations. It is something you have to actively ask for. Have no shame.

  6. Marketing is a subtle form of manipulation. We have to market you and need to do a bit of branding. We can digitally design your dream career path. I can slip resumes through the filtering systems. Then, they get this masterfully crafted work of art that is your resume?!?!?! The beautiful thing is no one will know it is me being a behind the scenes ninja.

  7. Capitalists and Opportunists run rampant. You will see all sorts of spam. Phone calls and emails. Put your number on the Do Not Call List as soon as you can. It takes 30 days to report any fraudulent calls if you are not registered. Most contact involves emails and texts. As a society, we do not talk anymore, we type.

  8. Do some work. It requires heavy lifting, it doesn’t just fall on your lap. If it does fall on someone’s lap, that is not a recipe for success. I do not care what anyone says. I can help if you are too busy, overwhelmed, confused, or if you do not feel confident.

  9. There has to be trust. Choose those who you trust to list as references.

  10. Sign up for notifications. Despite raised and annoying activity, you can get alerts when jobs are posted based on position and industry. Act fast. Keep a resume and cover letter in PDF format across all devices. You are connected to higher chances of career opportunities the sooner you apply.

These are some tips I am providing. If you need any assistance, ask me. I know what it is like to be out there on the world wide web with no one. Everything I have done, I have done on my own. No one will ever take that away from me. I keep learning, do not stop learning, and will work endlessly to help you.

I know my traffic is up 85% weekly and that is why I am writing this. 75% of traffic are new visitors. Thanks for reading.

ProFinder or PreTender

***Okay, let me know when I can take this down.***

(Embarrassed). I wish you guys noticed me when I did the Bed, Bath, and Beyond Recognition article. LI Cult Status!

I want to write about my experiences regarding my entrance into the world of freelance writing.

LinkedIn ProFinder

In finding myself unemployed after 22 years, I decided to pay $29.99 for Premium Career to help me find a new position. I didn’t find a position. I learned that writing can be a real job and freelancing was a true thing. LinkedIn had ProFinder. I had to apply and I believe give them a link to my website. I had to wait a few days to see if I was accepted or rejected. I was accepted! I was so excited. Then the requests came in. I felt guilty and ignored some. I replied and got rejected for the few proposals that actually were opened. As I wrote my book, I had all of these requests to ghostwrite a book. Knowing, there is no money in self-publishing, I replied that I would do it, but it would not be financially ideal for them. There were so many proposals that went unopened. I was thinking it was odd.

Oddly enough, on my birthday, at 9:30 pm on a Friday night, I got a request from a town I worked in that is not in my area to ghost write a book. Then, suddenly, my Premium membership went automatically to a Business membership at $59.99/month. I did not receive one job from ProFinder. Why was I being charged? I had to be screened to prove I could write. Do they not screen the clients? There is no mention of fees or charges. The potential clients who did reply, asked how much I charged. I have no idea. Whatever you are willing to pay.

The clients were way too conservative and couldn’t handle my personal, liberal linguistics. That is why I have a secret website now where I can freely express myself. After being charged, $59.99, I emailed LI. They responded that I shouldn’t reply and based on my replies, no one would hire me. Ok MS owns LI. Bill and Melinda would not stand for your attitude and the proposals I sent weren’t even opened.

I asked to cancel my ProFinder and Premium accounts. They had to squeeze another $59.99 out of me before taxes and I got stuck with Premium for another month. A week later, I was receiving ProFinder requests still! I let it go and they kept coming in. I sent another email and had to wait a few days.

To sum up my experience, I had a great deal of fake proposals, poor customer service, and would not recommend this to people. I can freelance on my own with no charges and no dishonesty. I guess that is okay these days. We have fake news, fake Amazon reviews, fake weather, and fake LinkedIn clients.

They now hold me hostage since I canceled my Premium account. Everything has been shut down, but if I reactivate Premium, I can get this and that. I am pretty sure I had some of the features before Premium.

Here is a gallery of pictures to prove my experience.

Creative Chances

I finally was fortunate for someone to take a chance on me. People with such a profound, positive impact are never forgotten. I am so grateful and honestly am nervous. I don’t want to let them down and have them second guess their chance. That is the creative in me, doubt. My cousin the other day was upset that I wasn’t writing earlier. I said, I was, just it was unknown. Now I am so fortunate to get to write. As I write, I learn. People kept telling me to just go back in to retail. I should have never been there permanently in the first place. I met some decent people that I am fortunate to now call my friends. I am also grateful for the wonderful places I got to visit. I also take away a lot of lessons and have learned how I do not want to live my life.

Enjoy your day.

Such Support

I have had so many reach out to and support me. Thank you everyone. I think the most amazing thing is connecting with people that were always there, but it just didn't happen. I think another beautiful thing is disconnecting with people who were always there or there periodically, but you never felt like you were enough.

The people talking poorly about it need to be thanked as well. Because you make them come in droves. You are helping me more than my supporters. So thank you so much! The book is controversial. Yes. Very controversial. 

When someone asked me "why the heck did you release this?" I said,

"I just changed the world."


Ps: This broad has no income flowing in so look at my creations if you need anything designed. Thank you.

Controversial Causes

Perhaps this is a different view. I am a firm believer in the Constitution. I cannot imagine living without my 1st amendment rights. I released a controversial book on a subject I need to draw global attention to. I have. I am now cognizant of the different time zones. I stood up for myself and never deviated from my beliefs. I have had my intellectual property stolen, have seen companies attempt to capitalize on my artistic work, have had countless rejections, and have been introduced to the underbelly of the internet. 

All through this, I did not deviate from my beliefs. I stood up for myself. I copyrighted myself. I raised a ruckus and fought retailers from selling my book for a higher price. I had people tell me it would not sell and that is why they raised the price. The sales go back and forth. For someone new, I am doing decent. It is being read. Even if they read it for free, I gain. The rejections make me work harder. The dark side of the internet has taught me how to fight for myself physically and virtually. I am a human, not an object.

With all of this Nike controversy, I can relate to the message. I am not political. I don't even wear athletic wear. I don't have TV so do not follow the NFL. I support the military. The message speaks to me differently than most. To me, it resonates so well. You have to stand up for yourself because no one else will and go after your dreams! You have to believe in yourself. When you stand up for yourself, you get a lot of blowback. Trust me, I know. It is sending a message to every human being out there. No matter your race, disability, age, sex, or religion, you can just do it

If you believe in something, stand up for it. Never stop believing in yourself and never give up. Keep fighting for yourself and your beliefs. What you think of yourself is the most important thing. If you accept yourself and love yourself, you can live with your decisions. You can stand strong in your beliefs. 

This ad was a game changer. Controversy captures attention. Attention is free publicity. Good or bad, people will disagree with no matter what you do. I believe in myself. I decided to go after my dreams. A brand and a person that I do not identify with, by any means, got me good. I got the message loud and clear. I now identify with the message and what creative cannot admire that. Brilliant use of the 1st amendment and thank you for affirming that I design my dreams.