Melissa's Manic Memoirs

Copy of Blowing up the Blog

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to a message from a high school classmate who read the book. After, I had handwritten a journal entry last night announcing to myself I was about to give up, I needed this. This is proof that I need to keep going.

Thank you.

That is what matters. You get closer to people you know, but don’t know and grow further apart from people you think you knew. To those who discounted me, you have your false sense of dignity (for now). I have and will always have my first amendment rights. Watch out, your day will come along with Karma.

Past the Pain

I was told to move past my past pain in March. This person knew all of my secrets as far as I knew them to be. I never imagined he would break me.

As I shattered into pieces, being dramatic and hyperbolic, I thought, “I will teach him. I am going to write a book and let all my secrets out. He won’t be able to tell anyone them. I will beat him to it.” I would prove to him I would move past my pain.

Who moves past their pain by writing a book? Obviously me. I have to do things on a grand scale. I worked all my major shit out. I didn’t think of anyone else’s pain, only mine.

Enter my readers. I mentioned in my Scamazon blurb that “this book is heavy, I hope you can handle it.” I didn’t think they would have to face their demons. I only thought of mine. Now I am hit head on with seeing the impact of the book. This book will leave you shook ladies.