VAGHACK Strikes Again

This is a PERFECT example of shit leadership. Let’s invite the girl who spent $70 on resumes and then you told her she was only good enough to fold chairs and clean after 11:00 pm the night before. YOU ARE REACTIVE NOT PROACTIVE DIPSHIT.

I wasn’t good enough to be interviewed. Fuck you bitch. Keep using your looks to get these stupid companies to pay you because you sure as fuck have no brains. I am too smart for my own good. I will also share the shit Squarespace has done Or neglected to do. I posted my Squarespace post in my regular blog. I had more about the instances where they ignored me calling attention to their insecure platform, but those were taken down and backed up on one of the five cloud drives I use. Truly sickened that I use them and they are engaging in reverse discrimination. There is a reason they do not oversee my domain because they are greedy and I do not trust them. If there are any typos, I apologize. I am doing five things at once.

Everything you see was me and only me. I did this all with no money. I had no one to help me. I was always honest and true. I kept working. I keep working and don’t want any handouts. I just want respect. This woman disrespected me. Yet she is the the founder of a Woman’s Empowerment Group. Bullshit, she is a selfish twit.

Truly sickened that Squarespace is partnering with this bottom-feeding organization. They could give two flying fucks when I was hacked on their weak-ass (insecure) platform. I had to implement shit myself.

Remember the HUGE DISCRIMINATION I was served up on a platter on 10/2/18? Let me refresh your memory.

The original posts may have been edited to cut back the profanity.

I got this today.


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It was around ten years ago where I had to write a letter to the State Superior Court addressing unethical behaviors. Today, I now will be doing the same thing. I am going to write to the IRS and the EEOC.

I know I was window shopped through this website, then judged, and then rejected for a job opportunity. No one is untraceable on the internet. While, I may not have degrees in IT, I am quite intelligent.

I will take on this joke of a women’s right movement and then if I have to, I am going after Goliath.