Corporate Greed

The Mess of Mercari


Playing with Makeup

In February of 2018, I lost my job after being with a company for 15 years. Don’t feel sorry for me. No one else did. I was receiving unemployment compensation, but it was not cutting it. I eventually turned to sell all of my personal belongings in May 2018 as I continued to apply for positions. After over 1200 rejections, authoring a novel that has gone nowhere, I became more aggressive in selling. My unemployment was exhausted at the beginning of September 2018, and I saw my bank accounts dwindle.

When I would Google items I had decided to sell to assess values, every search result came up Mercari. It appeared to be a legitimate marketplace. I was only using eBay, but as my finances diminished, I found myself using Poshmark (which is a hoax) and figured I would look into Mercari. After all, it was dominating all Google search results. It seemed real.

I began using the platform/“app” at the end of December 2018 as my bank accounts were running on fumes. I had to wait until January of 2019 to cash out my 401k. Just a little bit of time on Mercari until I would get my 401k as I kept applying for positions.

Last year, I was hacked. I learned too much about the internet and the repercussions of meeting a man in person who wanted me to fuck him for information. Opting for G-Suite instead of G-spot, I learned as much as I could about Google.

I then performed demographic studies (for free), and the results across the board were females ages 25–34. My idea was simple. I would sell to them and have my six degrees of separation. I would somehow be successful, noticed by someone, and land something more stable with an actual income.

How do I engage females 25–34? What was I into when I was their age? Makeup and skincare would be my path. I went on the app and saw you could sell free samples that actually say Not for Sale on the package. What? I had enough of those to become rich or so I thought. Enter the Wild West. People were selling a sample card of foundation with four squirts for $6.

I would be the seller opting to be a survivalist rather than a capitalist. I then took off. Eventually, my free samples were gone, and I found myself having to invest my profit into purchasing more product. In about three months, I had made 767 sales. In over a year, I could not sell myself to any company or individual to hire me. Fuck, I couldn’t even find anyone to believe in me. Yet, I was able to capture sales through product descriptions, humbling honesty, and cutthroat cynicism. I was able to be myself. I was honestly dealing with so many imbeciles. Every day had an MMOTD (Mercari Moron of the Day.)

Where else could you rip apart a person to shreds and earn money? I came to learn the inner ugly of females after selling beauty products. I kept saying, “I will find something with income and then I am off of this app.” On March 20, 2019, they did me a favor. I had no male buyers, which was a relief because I’ve dealt with enough men in my life and do not need anymore.

There are too many red flags with Mercari to list in just one article. The one major red flag, landing them with my first FTC complaint against them is “Mercari shipping.” I made a YouTube video titled “Mercari and/or eBay.” The video should have been my most viewed content, yet it was buried. I thought, perhaps, Mercari was paying Google to bury bad press. After all, you can set up alerts when you are written or mentioned in any media. However, that was then, and this is now.

In the video, infused with anger and profanity, I discuss the shipping rates of Mercari, which were quite high. At the time, it cost $4.25 to ship a small lipstick. I found myself pondering why does it cost me $4.25 on Mercari, but if I sold the item on eBay, it would be maybe $3.22 at most to ship the lipstick.


You down with the FTC

Yeah You Know Me

Figuring I would ship on my own, I ordered a scale and opened a account. Shit, I was only paying $2.70 to send some stuff. Where was my money for the 200 sales utilizing Mercari shipping? The USPS refunds shipping overages. I was only selling small items. Recently, Mercari raised their shipping rates to $5.25 if the item weighs from 0.5–1 lb.

In my next few articles, I will write about the rings of women and brands on Mercari. They can have squads and so can I. A squad with integrity and values where sales would be beneficial to both the buyer and seller. I needed help. I was too busy. Working 22 hours a day. Taking perfect pictures, writing potent product descriptions, combatting circles of crooks, engaging with buyers, packaging, shipping, shopping, and still struggling to survive.

I was the Number 1 Purchaser of Envelopes in the country from the Amazon Seller FU GlobalI love the company name and what a FUcking honor to purchase the most envelopes. Honestly, this man runs a mean business. He is out of stock on several items because I happened.

Enter my buyers-fucking millennials. Here I am, a Gen X’er thinking no one sees what I am doing. Then a buyer called me out on my shit. A 26-year-old asking where the lipstick was that came with the blush I had up for sale. What? She was the first one to see what I was doing and knew I split the kit. Needless to say, a lady with a mugshot as a profile picture purchased her item as I was engaging with her. She was brilliant, beautiful, understanding, and patient.

I then asked, “do you sell?” as I frantically looked for a Pink Flamingo lipstick. She replied, “here and there because she was a single mom and had two jobs already-supply chain and networking.” She needed a car engine and told me to not sell electronics. I saw in her a genius.

I encouraged her to start selling and taught her how to shop. She schooled my ass in brands, trends, and prices. Soon, we were a silent partnership, yet our own separate Mercari entities. If I didn’t want to deal with someone’s bullshit, I would have her handle them. I would inform the cheap ass that I have no income, but she did, and maybe she could swing something.

Now here I am, fucked with a shit load of beauty products, all purchased through retail streams legitimately. I cannot afford to use any of this shit.

Mercari also allows users to have multiple accounts as they turn a blind eye to everything occurring on their app. I am sure they expect me to be just like everyone else. I am smart enough to use a VPN and keep selling on their shit-ass app. Yet, those things known as values get in my way. I will not continue to give them 10% of the pie. Instead, I opt to expose their breaches of privacy, controlled information, illegal activities, and their outright combat against any seller that does not conform to their Communist-like, testosterone-infused standards.

All executives are Ex-Googlers and Fakebook jerk-offs playing the game of, “whose dick is bigger.” That is why they dominate SEO. That is why I couldn’t turn my location off and would get an order EVERY TIME I was at the post office. They offer no seller protection and fleece people with their shipping rates. That is how my YouTube video got buried because they worked for Google.

I know a thing or two about Google myself. When Google asked me how I broke through in four months, I said, “hire me, and I will tell you.” They didn’t hire me of course, so some things will remain a secret, but I thank my hacker.

Mercari will NEVER bury my words because like I said earlier, I opted for the G-Suite.

Mercari Mercenaries

My account has been shut down. How upsetting. You think you won, but why so many visits? Are you paranoid? Best of luck out there, the FBI and FTC have been notified. Along with all of the corporations.

Integrity is free. Always remember that and thank fucking god, I get my life back and do not have to deal with bottom-feeders. I actually feel such a sense of relief. No more Communist-like app and one FTC complaint filed so far. I am at peace. The calm before the storm.

Articles will be written as I have a 1st Amendment blowing the top of of your shit. Also, all I have left from my year of complete carnage is my life so feel free to take that because it is a fucking joke. No loss there.



Everyone’s solution is to create a fake account. That is too easy. That is what they want to get the selling fees. That is against everything I am fighting for. I lived a dishonest life for too long. It didn’t get me anywhere and neither does living an honest one. At least I can sleep with a clear conscience.


Proofless Prohibition

This company is fucking delusional. They choose to control the stupidest things and let some really odd shit go on. I have a video discussing very explicitly the downfalls and wins of Ebay and Mercari. It is called eBay and/or Mercari.

I am not embedding it because I need views because I call both of them out on their shit. Never have I been chastised so much in my life for things that are so fucking stupid.



See how I caught onto their bullshit. They can prohibit everything but my 1ST AMENDMENT rights.

Oh and here is proof I shipped the item you stupid shits. Whoever runs your prohibited conduct team needs to get laid because they obviously have some issue.