Company Credit

the Void known as VISME

On August 9, 2018, a company called Visme had emailed me offering me a free membership. I released my book August 11 and was working on that. Nothing else mattered. Everything carries a date. I write memoirs.

Last week, they reached out again to follow-up. They are a competitor of Canva. They wanted me to leave Canva and go with them. Being a good person gets me nowhere. I wrote a list of expectations in exchange for my user experience with them. Naturally, everyone wants something for nothing and frankly I AM DONE.

They never responded. I am a Leo. Leos are loyal. I will continue to use Canva and Canva has my full-fledged support. They offer beautiful designs, are affordable (unlike Visme), and do printing as well.

Also, Canva has a female co-founder and CEO. They are not based in America because the Divided States has issues with allowing females to run companies. If you know me, you know I support female-led companies because women are better leaders.

Canva does not pay me to love them and speak highly of them. Canva is an amazing and caring company and everyone should use them. Check them out.