Social Silence

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but I have stepped back from social media. Less than 1% of my audience stems from social networking sites. My time is too valuable to waste on bogus bullshit.

I know my audience is expanding so I will write a more detailed post tomorrow. I love music. Sometimes music replaces my words when I do not feel like speaking or writing.



Protecting the Peak

Regarding Scamazon, I am drawing global attention after I filter out the VPNs. I am not the only one who has noticed or experienced this. One branch of the government informed me to hire an attorney. How do you hire a lawyer when no one wants to take a case against this company?

A Christmas wish of mine is for Walmart to open a self-publishing piece to their business. Do you know that they make more money than Scamazon? That is because they are run with morals, values, and have never deviated from their mission statement.

Scamazon just gobbles companies up like PacMan with no strategy or plan in place. Hence, the CreateSpace disaster.

With that being said, I have three books 95% complete and one book 50% complete. They will not be getting published because I oftentimes have regrets releasing the books. I regret informing the world that I write. I much prefer keeping secrets. I still have several up my sleeve, but I can’t promise anything will be revealed.

Also I have this dilemma-What does one do when they want to ask a question to their audience, but their audience is silent?

In another important area of my life, I have seen a decrease in suspicious internet activity. I wonder if anyone has figured out what or who it is to help me solve the puzzle, but what’s the point?

I have cut back on social media majorly and will continue to do so. With my YouTube videos, it solely involves me talking to myself.

I have to write a list of accomplishments for this year despite it being THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE. I need to see something to make me feel less bitchy.

unDiscovered Disappearance

For the past 20 years, I could have disappeared or fell victim to a crime and it would go unreported and unnoticed.

One time, I told my family this and we laughed. However, there is such validity in this. I could disappear and no one would file a missing persons’ report.

My phone has been off much of the week and my computer is making its way across the country. If they happen to discover the hacker, I wonder if they will let me know. The gray line of legality, obviously, is blurred.

Two companies that protect your privacy are Google and Apple.

I have taken steps to cut being connected all the time. I’ve done everything I could do and needed to do. I have yielded no results. I am not giving up or giving in. I am just giving myself a break. I have put in all the work to see no real results.

Life would be easier to see only daisies instead of dandelions. Dreams instead of disappointment. Decisions instead of dread.

Morning that Matters

In my “Dearly Deleted” YouTube video, I mentioned one person who corresponds with me every week from my previous employer. We just spoke on the phone and those little things in life matter more than anything.

They did not even know I referred to them in the video. They do not cower in fear from a corrupt culture led by demons of demise.

With that being said, fair-weather friends become more evident as you and your friend go through peaks and valleys. I am fortunate to have true friends and to have weeded out the false friends.

They say you can count your friends on one hand and that is the truth. For me, family isn’t everything. It is the friends that become family that carry their weight in gold.

What in the World

25 of MY views on the world today

  1. I think it is sad that people only notice you when they are deleted digitally when in all reality, they don’t care about you, they care more about their social media clout.

  2. People hold onto things for future generations to be passed down through the family, but when it comes time to pass it down, it doesn’t mean tradition, it means, “how much is it worth?” Vintage items hold no candle to all the technological bells and whistles people have become dependent upon.

  3. As a society, we have grown ignorant to deception. If we ignore it, it doesn’t exist. We keep giving because we have no choice. It is all about protecting images.

  4. Instead of saying something positive, people would rather say nothing at all.

  5. This world seems to possess more attitude than gratitude.

  6. Your worth is determined by what you have and what you can give-materialistically.

  7. People will react in droves when visually seeing a physical injury, but do not acknowledge the stigma of mental illness.

  8. Social media is not about a genuine connection. It is about how many followers and connections you have.

  9. Sadly, when people interact with others, they think, “what can they do for me?”

  10. Companies have taught us that greed is not a sin, it is in.

  11. When you offer something for free or for minimal money, it goes unappreciated, or they want to pay less. Does it even mean anything to them?

  12. Love seems to be something of thought, and it is expected rather than felt.

  13. Everyone is in such a rush as if it is their last day on earth.

  14. I repeatedly see the quote, “Success is not measured by money,” It truly is not, but it is. It is measured by how much you make, what you own, and the size of your home, rather than the size of your heart.

  15. The less you have, the less people seem to care.

  16. People look to blame other people and other things but do not stop to look in the mirror and self-reflect.

  17. The more humble people are, the more helpful they are. How many people will utilize the humble and then backpedal out of your life and be totally thankless?

  18. Karma-there is good and bad. Which would you rather have? Then act accordingly.

  19. For every person to build you up, there is a line waiting to knock you down.

  20. People have such an obsession with their self-image that they toss those who were a part of their lives and who impacted them to the side.

  21. People remain in unhealthy relationships for every reason, but themselves. It is one of the rare instances where people possess selflessness. You should feel no obligation to anyone and vice versa.

  22. People who make the most money seem to have the most debt. Why? Greed, they cannot get enough and feel entitled to their extravagant desires.

  23. As you leave your legacy, your mark on the world; would you rather be remembered as ordinary or extraordinary? Do you want to be reflected on in mediocrity or magnificence?

  24. I always have believed and still do that there is no such thing as bad attention. Spin it into a purpose and make it count.

  25. People pompously and proudly boast that they support small businesses, yet do they?

It's Not Me, It's Them

Due to a lack of corporate social responsibility, I have to unfortunately only offer paperback books through LIMITED distribution because of Swindle Direct Publishing, also know as KDP or as I refer to them Killing Data Privately. This branch of Scamazon has made me physically ill for four days straight now because of their Enron-like business tactics.

I have discovered they are not a proactive company and are only reactive if you heckle them relentlessly. Acting like they are omnipotent, if they continue to run their company as business as usual, the empire will slowly collapse, like a house of cards.

My books are available on their website and on this site. This website is fully integrated for e-commerce and is secure. Yet, my audience resembles a silent film with zero engagement, so I run shops on other platforms because I am trying to survive.

When a company steals $15 from you in one week by skimming royalties, you see that all of your hard work, dedication, drive, determination, and energy means nothing when greed is in the driver’s seat.

I have attempted to email agents, and they do not even possess the respect to respond with a rejection. I know my books are good despite readers (from my first layer of networking) opting to not review, it drives the whole Charlie Chaplin Concept home. I have to continue to write to engage the audience as it expands. Sorry, I am a little ornery, but this Scamazon thing has had me lose my faith in mankind.

To my new readers, thank you! I also thank Scamazon because my traffic is lit!

For the week, users (new) and sessions have increased 485.5-487.5%

My RSS has increased by 60%.

Thank you to all. Don’t forget I do YouTube videos too to discuss my life, which honestly is stranger than fiction.

With that being said, I am off to engage today with my grandparents who do not even own a mobile phone and who received probably their first online order yesterday that I ordered because it is easier to type and hit add to cart than to go around store to store.


Naturally, my third book would “not be found” because despite it selling through pre-orders, Kindle paid, and paperbacks, since the sales numbers magically disappear, the book doesn't exist.

I suppose, I will manually enter it using the ISBN, which serves no purpose because it is not like any of my books sales are being tracked accordingly.

GoodReads actually was the site where I started gaining deeper insight or evidence as I like to call it.

Copy of Noticeably Noticed

Silence Strikes Again

Some accomplishments of mine in one day:

  1. Scamazon was on my website for 3:02 (hours, not minutes). Waiting for an executive to reach out and REACT.

  2. My audience is expanding globally and organically. This means my book sales will spike, but not like Scamazon will pay me for it. If interested, please purchase from my website under the Books tab. Most of my purchases have been legitimate. They made a fatal error though on my last order. I have written seven books in less than six months. That is a lot of hard work to see my earnings stolen from me and to hold a blatant disregard to me who makes them money as an author and a customer who has to buy things from there because they have the market cornered.

  3. My largest performing platform is LinkedIn. As I near 700 connections (after deleting 100 over the past few months), I will only continue to connect. LinkedIn is a professional website, so they are interested in content regarding poor corporate citizenship.

  4. I have learned when it is deemed fit, Amazon Digital Services sometimes serves as not only an Expanded Distributor of their own company, but also moonlights as DBA Amazon. This is a tactic to skim royalties by stating they are an expanded distributor of their own company.

  5. Web traffic was up 800% last month before my big reveal. I should have had some pomp and circumstance, put on a circus act, and a show as to my big reveal, similar to their tactics revealing their HQ2. As they dazzled the country with deception, they lost sight of the business. NYC-keep fighting the good fight. The heart and souls are in the boroughs that are not Manhattan. NYC you got this. No one steals your souls and fight for your beliefs. You have an army, I have just myself. I support you wholeheartedly. Web traffic in just three days from my big reveal has increased 123%. Also, I believe it has had 389 visitors and people are on here now.

  6. My RSS has tripled in the course of 3 days. Thank you everyone and the thing that I have always been the most proud of is I have a 0% bounce rate like always.

  7. I will be awaiting a call from an executive. Not a supervisor. Supervisors are not sufficient for me. I want a big fish. Someone high on the food chain. I want an agent of change, I want solutions, I want honesty and integrity. When did corruption become cool?

  8. Keep checking back. We are only beginning. I have set up an official office and am ready.

  9. I have been like a patient cat and I finally caught the mouse. Successful preying is strategy, patience, and silence. No pomp and circumstance.

  10. The FTC needs to move on this. I am the most impatient person and will do this on my own.

Remaining Relevant

I have said this before I even wrote books, but Walmart will beat Scamazon in the end. They do not deviate from their values, their employees are much more engaged and caring, and they can handle innovation, acquisitions, and trends more seamlessly than the Scam can.

They need to dump, but they keep them because they are protecting them from the big, bad Scam. Walmart also is honest.

They have Ebooks now. They need to start a publishing side where authors can have paperbacks and publish them to get honest data.

If I had an investor, I would open my own publishing company and definitely take KDP out. True creatives know all the hidden ones who are afraid to write because they see the BS I go through. I spend more time babysitting a global corporation than I do anything else it seems.

When I babysat when I was younger, I made $20 each time. It is more than I am making on five books. Haha.

Shedding Skin

If you find yourself no longer connected with me on social media, don't take it personally. Here I discuss my reasoning. Tell your "friends." Oh, I forgot to mention as part of 2018, getting my heart broken by a married dude too. You'll get acquainted with 'Subject Matter" in my next three books of poetry.