tarte has my heart

FAN GIRLING HARD CORE. shape tape-get on it.

Also Mermaid Skin serum (hyaluronic-the key to brightening and anti-aging) and base tape primer-smooth and smells like summer.

And the setting powder.

Melissa’s must-haves.

This face has been put together with Base Tape Primer (white tube), shape tape concealer, shape tape setting powder, quench lip gloss, maneater eyeliner, seaglass liquid shadow sea boat, bubble powder shadow from the mermaid eye palette, and park avenue princess bronzer. Vegan and all natural. The ultimate 2019 craze-shape tape and double duty beauty! They are poetic just like me.

This face has been put together with Base Tape Primer (white tube), shape tape concealer, shape tape setting powder, quench lip gloss, maneater eyeliner, seaglass liquid shadow sea boat, bubble powder shadow from the mermaid eye palette, and park avenue princess bronzer. Vegan and all natural. The ultimate 2019 craze-shape tape and double duty beauty! They are poetic just like me.


Company Credit

This week, I had customer service experiences and want to celebrate companies who Care!

  1. ULTA - I blogged about them in the Total Transparency tab. Their customer service is honestly amazing. They reward members for their loyalty, but they actually care. Female leadership also. What is not to love?

  2. Tarte - I am still fan-girling because they tweeted me back. Solid company. Shape tape and double duty beauty. Amazing products and not because I write poetry! The base tape is a must ladies!

  3. Becca Cosmetics - Up and coming heavy hitter. Excellent customer service. I love their lip gloss.

  4. Glamglow - I had an issue with an order and they knocked it out of the park. Gravitymud is the only mud I allow to be slung in my face.

  5. CVS - My pharmacist is better than yours. Enough said!

Elegant Envelopes

To anyone that ships, I am going to recommend an amazing company. FU Global sells shipping supplies and their storefront Is here: Fu Global At Amazon

I am not affiliated with them or doing this for any gain other than to say this company is amazing.

I am not one for basic and boring and this company sets me apart and follows up and has high ratings as a seller. Not only do they look amazing, they are durable and the adhesive makes you be careful so you do not make a mistake packing. (Been there done that!)

Look at their beauty.

Daily Decision

I had this website once broken into blog categories, and the one that was read the most was the raw and real content: Total Transparency. I kept getting rejected for positions because conservative-minded folks were coming on the site and shrouding themselves in judgment.

I became poised and polished acting more professional. As I played the part, I even stopped cursing-still nothing.

I am NOT a yes (wo)MAN and never will be. I will continue to push the envelope and continue to give myself paper cuts. I am not giving up by any means. I am not a corporate croney and do not want to be stifled for the remainder of my life. I cannot put on an act. No one knows how much I have been doing, how hard I have been working, and all the behind-the-scenes shit I am up to.

Bookmark this page if you want the real me. I will give credit when its due and will call people and companies out on their shit. I am done being someone who I am not. It drains me.

I keep stating if something does not yield results, I do not exert energy into it. Notice social media truancy? I constantly pivot strategies as I observe behaviors. I always have a Plan A, B, C, and D. I will be moving tabs around because some of this content on my site even bores me. I had written 7 books in 6 months. Notice how only 3 are published? That is because Scamazon WILL NOT GET ANY MORE OF MY CONTENT.

Until then, I am just going to be out here in the wilderness known as the Internet. I leave you with this. I designed it, but who am I?


Selling Successes

  1. Hot delivery drivers. I may now ship all Fedex and schedule pickups.

  2. Who needs a business card when you can just say, “Google me?

  3. Product descriptions, beautiful pictures, and packages if they are not a cheapskate.

  4. International sales! Made my first one this week! I love Europe.

  5. Great friendships are made in and outside my demographic.

Today, I was rejected for something big. It is on my YouTube because I am moving on and can state what it was for.

I am going to be dancing to old Madonna in the kitchen in my veil-Facebook public post since my referral traffic has increased, I engaged. “Let your body move to the music.”

Have a good weekend.

Real Rejection

Today, someone went out of their way to reject me and I am honestly flattered. Apparently, I had something on LinkedIn I had written months ago. I just made my resume more professional. Obviously, the book is not paying my bills and neither is this online selling. Even though I rock at both. I updated my resume and it is not in black and white because that is too sterile.

With the New Year, here are some of my accomplishments in six months. I cannot list them all because now is not the right time.

I need to look at this to know everything I do is not in vane.

  • In four months, became Google Verified

  • Wrote, edited, formatted, designed, and published three books in approximately five months

  • Wrote 7 books in total but cannot publish the rest with a deceptive company. Only paperbacks are offered

  • E-commerce Integration, Marketing, and Targeting

  • Got the attention of some highly prolific companies

  • My audience growth is organic and unpaid

  • Reached 54 countries in six months with site

  • In six months, became an eBay top-rated seller-I even have that gold badge. I am not accepting returns so I hit my peak and will not make it to the plus level.

  • In one week on Mercari, had over 30 sales-all five-star ratings

  • Product descriptions really do sell things and I am detailed with humor

Put off by Poshmark

If you are thinking about online selling, do not use Poshmark. Think of it as this: high school all over again where catty bitches strive for friends and popularity. In this case, it is “followers.” It is all about the number of followers.

Then buyers want something for nothing and when you give them a good deal on it, there is a 30% fee that they charge you. I made 55 cents on a shirt I paid $36 for. Then the buyer wasn’t fully satisfied.

I cannot find a job and made 55 cents. You are going to piss and moan that something isn’t to your gold standards when you are the one purchasing used clothing for $4? You probably only wanted to resell it. The buyers are not my demographic, the platform is the worst, and the people on there are really ignorant.

People lack total decency and prefer to complain rather than see good in anything. That is why I am only focusing on things that perform well for me. Poshmark and Social Media-you’re out!


Thankfully, no strange activity has been occurring. I know I have been quiet. I have been busy. A lot of things I am working on, no one really knows. I have been keeping to myself and am not working on any books (obviously).

I stepped away from social media because it only derives 1% of results. Why engage for 1%? I have to balance my time amongst more important arenas of life.

The only alarming thing due to being hacked, websites now think I am a hacker. I have gotten warnings from sites due to the extra security measures I need to take. I also have to go through 100 “I am not a robot” activities. Whoever it may be, they have been quiet since I put the gallery up of the behaviors and I am sure Apple having my computer has helped protect me.

tarte treatment

I love makeup. I contacted Tarte’s Customer Service today regarding a product. I must say that I love them even more now. I never interacted with the company, but it is being run right and they make some amazing cosmetics.

I wanted people to know that they possess integrity in my eyes and are well worth it. They are fun, cutting-edge, trendsetters, and treat their customers like gold-even though I love their bronzer.

Thank you Tamara at Tarte!