Basic Bitches

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Most basic bitches want jewelry, flowers, chocolate, or a card. Then there is me. Screw that shit, I will take the cold-hard cash.

Instead, I got the best gift ever a day early.


Honestly this is hands-down the best gift I have ever received in my entire life.

Thank you. (You know who are you!)

Copy of Blowing up the Blog

I woke up at 4:00 am this morning to a message from a high school classmate who read the book. After, I had handwritten a journal entry last night announcing to myself I was about to give up, I needed this. This is proof that I need to keep going.

Thank you.

That is what matters. You get closer to people you know, but don’t know and grow further apart from people you think you knew. To those who discounted me, you have your false sense of dignity (for now). I have and will always have my first amendment rights. Watch out, your day will come along with Karma.

VAGHACK Strikes Again

This is a PERFECT example of shit leadership. Let’s invite the girl who spent $70 on resumes and then you told her she was only good enough to fold chairs and clean after 11:00 pm the night before. YOU ARE REACTIVE NOT PROACTIVE DIPSHIT.

I wasn’t good enough to be interviewed. Fuck you bitch. Keep using your looks to get these stupid companies to pay you because you sure as fuck have no brains. I am too smart for my own good. I will also share the shit Squarespace has done Or neglected to do. I posted my Squarespace post in my regular blog. I had more about the instances where they ignored me calling attention to their insecure platform, but those were taken down and backed up on one of the five cloud drives I use. Truly sickened that I use them and they are engaging in reverse discrimination. There is a reason they do not oversee my domain because they are greedy and I do not trust them. If there are any typos, I apologize. I am doing five things at once.

Everything you see was me and only me. I did this all with no money. I had no one to help me. I was always honest and true. I kept working. I keep working and don’t want any handouts. I just want respect. This woman disrespected me. Yet she is the the founder of a Woman’s Empowerment Group. Bullshit, she is a selfish twit.

Truly sickened that Squarespace is partnering with this bottom-feeding organization. They could give two flying fucks when I was hacked on their weak-ass (insecure) platform. I had to implement shit myself.

Remember the HUGE DISCRIMINATION I was served up on a platter on 10/2/18? Let me refresh your memory.

The original posts may have been edited to cut back the profanity.

I got this today.



I was all ready to go to bed at 10:00 pm. I got caught up dealing with the Scamazon drama and then I get an email at 11:14 pm. Not business hours, mind you. It is from a woman hosting a career fair called Women/Hack that I was invited to and someone paid for my ticket.

Excited and knowing I would finally get a job, I printed $77.10 worth of resumes and cover letters.

Then this is the correspondence.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.33.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.11.21 AM.png

She doesn’t even work for one of these companies. She hosts events. How does she know what they are looking for? Two different realms. Obviously, I know she was on my website so she is not too tech-savvy because she could been smarter instead of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Copy of With Words I Wage

WomenHack Article on Medium

It was around ten years ago where I had to write a letter to the State Superior Court addressing unethical behaviors. Today, I now will be doing the same thing. I am going to write to the IRS and the EEOC.

I know I was window shopped through this website, then judged, and then rejected for a job opportunity. No one is untraceable on the internet. While, I may not have degrees in IT, I am quite intelligent.

I will take on this joke of a women’s right movement and then if I have to, I am going after Goliath.

Copy of Copy of Working out to my Words

I hope someone enjoyed their workout at Switch Playground on 12th St. in the greatest city of the world today. Wow….over an hour workout and the whole time creeping on my page while at the gym. You get it girrrrllllll!

Hopefully you got not only a physical workout, but a mental one from going through every inch of my content.

Nice try with the VPN BTW. I may not be technical, but I can investigate and sniff things out.

Thank William, my hacker, for teaching me a thing or two. When you discover you are being watched through your web camera, it kind of makes you step up your internet game. It’s safer than physically chasing the hacker and nearly getting raped. Trust me.

Also, buy my book and see the unfiltered content and get your chance at “payback” by giving a one-star review. Even though the book is the most brilliant work I have done. I will get $4.90 towards reimbursement from wasting money printing resumes and business cards.

Past the Pain

I was told to move past my past pain in March. This person knew all of my secrets as far as I knew them to be. I never imagined he would break me.

As I shattered into pieces, being dramatic and hyperbolic, I thought, “I will teach him. I am going to write a book and let all my secrets out. He won’t be able to tell anyone them. I will beat him to it.” I would prove to him I would move past my pain.

Who moves past their pain by writing a book? Obviously me. I have to do things on a grand scale. I worked all my major shit out. I didn’t think of anyone else’s pain, only mine.

Enter my readers. I mentioned in my Scamazon blurb that “this book is heavy, I hope you can handle it.” I didn’t think they would have to face their demons. I only thought of mine. Now I am hit head on with seeing the impact of the book. This book will leave you shook ladies.

Nervous Nonsense

I am my own expanded distributor because I am a control freak. I am anxious because they say it is good. I have goosebumps because everything is going to move at an even faster pace and I am worried for some reason.

I said I knocked it out of the park, yet most people stayed silent. I went where no one else would have the balls to go. This is the first thing I have ever done I believe in. I would not have released a bad book. I need a publisher because I cannot manage Scamazon.

I am waiting for my Kevin Bacon moment. I know it will all work out. I do not know why my anxiety is kicking in. Maybe because so many rotten, pretentious fucks discounted me. Yet, they are just one person in an entire world of people.

When anyone discards you as if you are meaningless, there is an entire world at your fingertips. Strangers will embrace you when those you loved show you their version of their story.

Stand up and fight. Don’t ever stop working. I am my worst enemy. I am my biggest critic. I am the only thing I fear. I fight my fucking mind every day to stay alive.

Growing Gains

I am growing-organically. Strangers who are my book readers love me. People who knew me have grown so nasty and cold like this Northeast weather.

It has all come full circle. I felt it last night as I relived the words, “you are meaningless.” In the past week, I have been called pathetic, a dreamer, and a loser to name a few.

The best thing in the world is knowing I am not. Sticks and stones.

Does it suck to lose almost everything? Yes, but in the end, you see who was real and who was a facade.

People call it growing pains. I call it growing gains.

Proofless Prohibition

This company is fucking delusional. They choose to control the stupidest things and let some really odd shit go on. I have a video discussing very explicitly the downfalls and wins of Ebay and Mercari. It is called eBay and/or Mercari.

I am not embedding it because I need views because I call both of them out on their shit. Never have I been chastised so much in my life for things that are so fucking stupid.



See how I caught onto their bullshit. They can prohibit everything but my 1ST AMENDMENT rights.

Oh and here is proof I shipped the item you stupid shits. Whoever runs your prohibited conduct team needs to get laid because they obviously have some issue.


Being a Bitch

Last night, my mistake would not be a memory. It would be called out. After being poked and prodded, the inner bitch came out to play. I did a YouTube Live at 2:00 am to let it all out.

If you like the angry Melissa, you can see the enraged Melissa. I will not tolerate anyone or any company’s bullshit. Honestly, I choose not to. I don’t care who they are.

Meaning of Mistakes

People make mistakes. I have made plenty and am far from perfect. When people become vile when you make a mistake, you then know they have many life lessons to learn.

Respect people. Be kind and understanding. People fuck up. It is life. No need to get all twisted over something so trivial. If something minor is a huge problem for you, you are truly fortunate.

May you find a level of understanding and respect for mankind. “You get more bees with honey.”

The Divided States

I am not political because our government is a hot ass mess. However, when you mess with one of my close friends and her family, I get loud. #thedividedstates 

See Message-
Brothers and Sisters,

 In the next 24 hours, there are going to be two votes in the United States Senate. If passed, either bill being voted on would open the government. The 18 senators below are critical to passing this important legislation.  


 ANYONE can make these calls and post to social media. You do NOT need to be a constituent!

 We need every NATCA member to CALL the senators listed below and POST on their social media using the scripts and information below.

These calls and social media posts are critical and only take a few minutes. Tell the Senator to vote YES on opening the government!

This is NOT the time to sit on the sidelines. We need EVERY NATCA member, family member, friend, and neighbor making these calls. Together, with ONE LOUD, COLLECTIVE VOICE, we will end this shutdown!

 In Solidarity,

 Paul Rinaldi

Trish Gilbert


"I am an (air traffic controller/aviation safety professional/concerned citizen). Each day the shutdown continues, aviation safety is further compromised. The Senator MUST vote YES on opening up the government!"

 SOCIAL MEDIA POST (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)   

"Each day the shutdown continues, aviation safety is further comprised. The Senator MUST vote YES on opening up the government!"  #Endtheshutdown #NATCA


Senator Murkowski - Alaska

Phone Number - (202) 224-6665

Facebook - @SenLisaMurkowski

Twitter - @lisamurkowski

Instagram - @senlisamurkowski

Senator McSally - ArizonaPhone Number - (202) 224-2235Facebook - @MarthaMcSallyTwitter - @SenMcSallyAZInstagram - @teammcsally
Senator Gardner - Colorado
Phone Number - (202) 224-5941Facebook - @SenCoryGardnerTwitter - @SenCoryGardnerInstagram - @sencorygardner
Senator Scott - Florida
Phone Number - (202) 224-5274Facebook - @scottforfloridaTwitter - @ScottforFloridaInstagram - @scottforflorida
Senator Isakson - Georgia
Phone Number - (202) 224-3643Facebook - @isaksonTwitter - @SenatorIsaksonInstagram - @senatorisakson
Senator Young - Indiana
Phone Number - (202) 224-5623Facebook - @SenatorToddYoungTwitter - @SenToddYoungInstagram - @sentoddyoung
Senator Ernst - Iowa
Phone Number - (202) 224-3254Facebook - @joniforiowaTwitter - @SenJoniErnstInstagram - @senjoniernst
Senator Roberts - Kansas
Phone Number - (202) 224-4774Facebook - @SenPatRobertsTwitter - @SenPatRobertsInstagram - @senpatroberts
Senator Cassidy - LouisianaPhone Number - (202) 224-5824Facebook - @billcassidyTwitter - @BillCassidyInstagram - @billcassidy
Senator Kennedy - LouisianaPhone Number - (202) 224-4623Facebook - @SenatorJohnKennedyTwitter - @SenJohnKennedyInstagram - @senjohnkennedy
Senator Collins - MainePhone Number - (202) 224-2523Facebook - @susancollinsTwitter - @SenatorCollinsInstagram - @sensusancollins
Senator Blunt - MissouriPhone Number - (202) 224-5721Facebook - @SenatorBluntTwitter - @RoyBluntInstagram - @royblunt
Senator Fischer - Nebraska

Phone Number - (202) 224-6551

Facebook - @senatordebfischer

Twitter - @SenatorFischer

Instagram - @senatorfischer

Senator Burr - North CarolinaPhone Number - (202) 224-3154Facebook - @SenatorRichardBurrTwitter - @SenatorBurrInstagram - @senatorburr
Senator Portman - OhioPhone Number - (202) 224-3353Facebook - @senrobportmanTwitter - @robportmanInstagram - @senrobportman
Senator Alexander - TennesseePhone Number - (202) 224-4944Facebook - @senatorlamaralexanderTwitter - @SenAlexanderInstagram - @senlamaralexander
Senator Romney - Utah

Phone Number - (202) 224-5251

Facebook - @Romney4Utah

Twitter - @MittRomney

Instagram - @mittromney
Senator Enzi - Wyoming
Phone Number - (202) 224-3424Facebook - @mikeenziTwitter - @SenatorEnziInstagram - @senatorenzi