Missing Me

If you find yourself missing me, I apologize. I am excavating content from many moons ago and I am doing YouTube videos. I have a channel. You should watch me ramble. I am doing it to prove I am eloquent or can be. On the bottom of any page on this site (excluding the blog because this can be endless) are my social media connection blocks.

I realize that sometimes, I need to speak rather than type or write. No one really watches them, but they motivate me every day to look like a human being.

There are also a lot of posts on my private page. That is if you buy the book, which is the best work I have ever done.

I may go silent until people start buying my books. Remember I am used to handwriting everything. The 2nd book of Memoirs will be out before you know it. School yourself on my life.




I saw you were looking. If you were wise and stuck by your No Asshole Policy, you will not invest in WomenHack or the company they have been hiding behind. Always follow physical addresses. Also, do not invest in Quartet Health. They could care less about mental health.

If you need me to be your personal Asshole Screening Device, just ask. I have nothing to lose. Trust me on these companies. They talk the talk, but will cut a corner and not walk the walk.

Professional Post

Premiere Creative has given me an opportunity to write a blog for them. Premiere Creative specializes in digital strategies for businesses and professionals. I am very fortunate to be able to write for Premiere Creative. They took a chance on me and not only am I grateful, but I have also learned so much in working with Premiere.

Feel free to read the blog regarding LinkedIn Advertising. If you find yourself in need of expertise in this digital age, take a chance on them like they did on me.

Thanks for reading.

Here is the link:

Promoting Your Brand With LinkedIn Advertising Published on Premiere Creative

Book Blog

I may have to create another page for the 2nd book of Memoirs to have a special spot here on this site. The other website is a deserted ghost town, but it’s my ghost town where I can go all Wild West.

I have found someone to embark on my next journey with me and we have started. We have 273 pages of 8x11 sized paged content. Oops. I write too much. As my silent support system gets ready to know it all, I started digging for the poems from 2002-2003. I thought I maybe threw them away. No. I never would throw anything I’d write away. I would hide it.

Sure enough, across from me with all of these office supplies in a cabinet, Eureka. I found it. Undated, but I know it’s it. I am typing it up because maybe it will fit somewhere. You wonder if only I showed these to someone earlier, would my life have been different? I wasn’t brave back then, Now with my heart sunken, I get to revisit this. I will write books as much as I can just to get myself out there more. Something has to give. I believe in this more than anything I have ever believed in.

I am grateful for my support system. Once we get through this, then we go into various years. I know I can get all the publishing done on my own. I am so fortunate to have true people willing to help with the content. It is going to be pretty tough typing this out, but I have to move past my pain.

Good and Gone

No good deed goes unpunished.”

So they tell me. The other night, I put on my YouTube channel a video discussing a gentleman wanting an item I was selling on eBay. He was polite and asked a lot of questions. I ended the auction early so he could win the item, thinking it was a kind gesture.

It was used once and in near perfect condition. Well, suddenly he receives it and there is a large tear. I should have known he would have tried to pull something because he kept asking about shipping and if it would get damaged. I don’t sell junk and know how to package items.

Then last night, he starts blowing my inbox up saying there is a tear and it will cost $30 to repair and wanted to work something out. I told him to just return it. After he continued to go back and forth with me asking to resolve it. I stated again to return it.

He then retracted and stated that he would get it fixed because he knows I helped him and he got a good deal on it. He said I was nice and didn’t need the problem. Mind you, this thing has not been touched in ten years and suddenly has a tear? He said I did not inform him of it. How can I inform him of it if it didn’t have a tear when I sent it out?

I then went to bed. I wake up this morning and again he has blown up my inbox at 11:15 pm last night. He told me that the company who was going to repair it could not repair it. I didn’t know companies to repair such a thing were open that late. He then sent another message asking what we should do. Then another one asking for a return.

Aggravated, I replied that I told him to return it in the first place and for him to just return it so he can leave me alone because he was driving me nuts. You do something nice for someone and they have buyer’s remorse. First he complained that I didn’t have the original packaging, then he complained about how I would ship it, then it was the “tear”, then repairing it, then working out a deal, then he would keep it, then they couldn’t repair it, and now he wanted a return.

Wow. Just thinking about this gentleman exhausts me. If he is married, I feel sorry for his wife. He probably takes an hour to decide which cereal to buy. People like this are so ungrateful and love causing disruption in others’ lives. I am just trying to empty out my house so I can move. Good deeds get punished with BS.

Playing Pretend

LinkedIn is successful for some people because if someone likes a post, it goes to the 2nd network and expands. For me, people love raw and real content, but it doesn’t expand past my network. Liking some of my content may send off alarm signals throughout the world and you will get lashed by the man.

It is my best audience. I put a video up last night thanking my audience. I mentioned how I had disconnected and blocked some people. I control my network and have to disconnect from seven people. Quality over quantity always.

Still though, I see things on there that give me a good laugh.

Pictures of people pretending they have a personality, when we all know they don’t. People acting like they like one another when you know they can’t stand each other.

I also see people maybe desperate or greedy when they reverse and take two steps back in their career.

Comfort and Content

Mediocrity. How many people are comfortable with it? How many people become content in it? It is humorous to me how sometimes we know people better than they know themselves. I KNOW. I’VE KNOWN. Those words are resonating with me because someone once knew me better than I knew myself. I can repeat that back to them now. I suppose it is intuition.

Do people out there exist to have deep conversations with? Ever since I was young, I felt that I lacked that in life. I have a lot on my mind these days.

I have been having a strong week with one rejection a day. I am working on a book of poetry, which I am almost done with. I then am going on my own into the 2nd book of Memoirs. I have a YouTube channel where I probably bore people to tears.

It is just me yammering on. If you watch the videos, you will get an idea on why I have been quiet. I actually have been using the personal website for blogging. I shouldn’t care though because no matter what, no one will hire me. Haha.

Core Companies

I was raised with values. My father was a union electrician. We were only allowed to have American cars and could not shop at Walmart when they first entered our area because they didn’t hire union electricians. Everything we owned was made in the USA.

If he was still alive today, he would have adapted. That is part of life. It will soon be 23 years without him and I have been driving Japanese cars and shopping at Walmart for probably 21 years.

The world is different now as many people have embraced change. In the 60’s, the main issue was segregation and acceptance grew over time because it was forced.

The 70’s had awful music and in the 80’s, homosexuality was the target of people’s rage and hate. That trickled into the 90’s. One of my best friends came out in the 90’s and after that, I saw her shunned. Yet, I would still sleep next to her in her bed because she may have been gay, but didn’t have any feelings for me. She is still one of my best friends. Do we fight and argue? Yes, but we always remember, we were always there for each other. She was at my father’s funeral. Those are the people you remember vividly.

Yes, I am bawling as I write this because now at a global scale, people and companies can truly make a difference. That is why I have companies I truly believe in and would stand up for. People can disagree with me, but dignity is something everyone deserves no matter what. It is free.

  1. Canva has a value statement to “empower the world through design.” In their mission statement, the words DIVERSE, EMPATHY, UNDERSTAND, IMPROVE LIVES, ALL WALKS, ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. They stand by that. I stumbled across them to design the book cover and would recommend this company to everyone. If I did not have their services, I would not be able to channel my creativity when I do not want to write. Well, I’d cook meals for 12, but they help me be creative in other areas and add visuals to my work. They also do not ignore, which is critical. They listen. That is true leadership. Even if you do not consider yourself creative, try them. You’ll have fun.

  2. Walmart has had the same value statement despite shifting some linguistics. It has always been to save their customers money. That is what they do. Have I always liked Walmart? No, their customers ruined it for me. The store would be a mess. Now, I shop through other avenues they offer and off hours in the store. Their stores are now immaculate and they have such engaging employees. They listen as well. They send surveys, just like Canva because they want to be better and make us better.

  3. Google, while the hot button, is Google Plus right now, how many people even used G+? I had no success with it, but still posted and only had 13 followers. Besides Apple, this is the only company to protect me when I had issues being hacked. They offer so many services that I question if people know about everything they offer.

  4. CVS: While a tornado shut the pharmacy down with my medication in the danger zone, this company worked as a company to ensure I had my medication. I was a patient, not a customer. Tess went above and beyond for me and is a superhero.

  5. Apple: Yes, I am an Apple person. They react fast when you need them and have always been there for me.

What I am saying is different things mean different things to people. These companies mean something to me because there is a C2B relationship. Great companies care about their customers and employees.

Greedy companies care about numbers. The number of hours employees work, sales, cost of benefits, and salaries, for example. While data does matter; at the end of the day, it is all about how you treat people. That increases companies’ chances of survival .


This is ten minutes long, but focuses on WomenHack and addresses mental health and how they call for gun control.


Oracle, Verizon, Quartet Health, Barkbox, Rotageek, Ubisoft, TrakTik, Netcentric, Phreesia, Honeypot, Zillow, Facebook, Lyft, Zynga, and Square: how can you be affiliated with an organization that participates in TIERED DISCRIMINATION?

I am woman, hear me roar, but you can’t be a woman with a disability.

Day 2 of Mental Health Awareness Week, I discuss WomenHack and Quartet's ignorance of mental illness. I discuss mental health, societal ignorance, and talk about school shootings. Honestly, I look awful in these thumbnails.

What I'm Writing

Memoirs 02-03 Kindle free versions go away on 11/11/18 and the paid version will go away on 11/12/18. Plan accordingly.

Reissuing this bad boy “an eclectic array of poems from my adult years.” Not linked to one person.

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From Melancholic to Catastrophic

Want to see emotions?

Banging this out then I go onto Melissa’s Manic Memoirs 2018. We will touch upon Teddy, but I may change his name to subject matter. No capitalization. You can be your own judge of subject matter.
I am honestly slapping my resume, cover letter, and disclaimer on LinkedIn. If someone wants me, they can get me. The world is not changing in regards to mental health, so I will crank out as many years as I have to.

I am focusing on making myself stronger than I already am. I always get the last word and come out on top.